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1. In-service | Definition of In-service by Merriam-Webster

In-service | Definition of In-service by Merriam-Webster
1 : going on or continuing while one is fully employed in-service teacher education workshops. 2 : of, relating to, or being one that is fully employed in-service police officers.

2. In-service definition and meaning | Collins English Dictionary


If people working in a particular profession are given in-service training, they attend special courses to improve their skills or to learn about new developments in …

3. In-service | Definition of In-service at Dictionary.com


In-service definition, taking place while one is employed: an in-service training program. See more.

4. IN-SERVICE | 11 Definitions of In-service – YourDictionary


Taking place or continuing while one is a full-time employee. In-service training workshops. adjective. 16.

5. IN-SERVICE | definition in the Cambridge English Dictionary


Meaning of in-service in English. in-service. adjective [ before noun ]. us. Your browser doesn't support HTML5 audio. /ˌɪnˈsɝː.vɪs/ uk. Your …

6. What does in-service mean? – Definitions.net


in-service(Verb) To train or educate someone while they are working, to give "on-the-job" training. · in-service(Adjective) Taking place when one is an employee.

7. In-service program – Wikipedia


An in-service program is a professional training or staff development effort, where professionals are trained and discuss their work with others in their peer group. … In-service program also refers to some programs offered to enlisted members of the military while they are in service.

8. in-service – Wiktionary


AdjectiveEdit · (chiefly Britain, of training etc.) Taking place when one is an employee. · Relating to or being a full-time employee. We offer both in-service and full- …

9. In-service | definition of in-service by Medical dictionary


According to a survey conducted by the reporter, most of the in-service physicians and surgeons have either set up their own clinics or joined private …

10. In-service – definition of in-service by The Free Dictionary


in-ser·vice. (ĭn′sûr′vĭs). adj. 1. Of, relating to, or being a full-time employee: in-service teachers. 2. Taking place or continuing while one is a full-time employee: …

11. In-Service | Definition of In-Service by Oxford Dictionary on …


adjective. (of training) intended for those actively engaged in the profession or activity concerned. 'in-service training of library staff'. More example sentences. ' …

12. in-service | meaning of in-service in Longman Dictionary of …


in-service. From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishin-serviceˌin-ˈservice adjective …