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1. legal definition of PERSONAL SERVICE SHOP by Law Insider,and%20repair%20of%20personal%20effects.
legal definition of PERSONAL SERVICE SHOP by Law Insider

2. Repair Shop | Definition of Repair Shop by Merriam-Webster

Repair shop definition is – an establishment where repairs are made. How to use repair shop in a sentence.

3. The Service Process: Definition and Types – Tallyfy

Next, we'll look at each of the three broad types of service process namely: Line operations; Job shop operations; Intermittent …

4. Repair shop definition and meaning | Collins English Dictionary

Repair shop definition: a shop where you can take broken machines such as televisions , computers, telephones ,… | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and …

5. what is the meaning of service shops? | Yahoo Answers

Service shops are usually shops that are devoted to servicing something. They are usually in bigger shops that either sale or rent something, …

6. Repair shop – definition of repair shop by The Free Dictionary

Define repair shop. repair shop synonyms, repair shop pronunciation, repair shop translation, English dictionary definition of repair shop. Noun 1. repair shop – a …

7. SERVICE CENTRE | meaning in the Cambridge English …

Meaning of service centre in English · Browse · Test your vocabulary with our fun image quizzes.

8. repair shop – Dictionary Definition :

a shop specializing in repairs and maintenance. … repair shop Add to list Share. Definitions of repair shop. noun. a shop specializing in repairs and maintenance.

9. Automobile repair shop – Wikipedia

An automobile repair shop is an establishment where automobiles are repaired by auto mechanics and technicians. Contents. 1 Types; 2 Auto body repair …

10. Auto-shop Meaning | Best 2 Definitions of Auto-shop

What does auto-shop mean? (US, Canada) A shop that deals in the repair of automobiles. (noun)

11. One-Stop-Shop Definition – Investopedia

A one-stop shop is a company or a location that offers a multitude of services to clients, saving them considerable time and effort.

12. REPAIR SHOP – Definition and synonyms of repair shop in the …

The definition of repair shop in the dictionary is a shop where you can take broken machines such as televisions, computers, telephones, etc to be repaired.